Arsenal manager wants Lacazette to emulate Zlatan

Arsenal manager Arsene Wenger believes that Alexandre Lacazette is an intelligent player and he needs emulate Zlatan Ibrahimovic scoring run.

Ibrahimovic joined Manchester United from French giants Paris Saint Germaine last season and went on score 28 goals in all competitions.

Carry on

Wenger wants Lacazette who has joined them from Lyon to carry the scoring form to England just like Ibrahimovic did.

 -He is an intelligent player who can integrate our game well as we have a game backed on mobility and technique. After that we get the efficiency – his record in France last season was to score one in 80 minutes. If he can maintain that record that would be ideal for us as a game lasts 90 so that would guarantee you a goal each time, he said.

-For sure, his goalscoring record is not necessarily transferable from the French League to the English. But you could say that Ibrahimovic transferred an identical amount of goals from France to England. So that’s the target Lacazette should set, he added.

Lacazette is set for his premier league debut against Leicester.