Player reveals 20 years of torment after losing his mum

Burnley striker Jonathan Walters has revealed the private torment that has driven him throughout his career.

Walters' mum died when he was just 11 and the forward admits he has never come to terms with it. In an emotional interview in The Times , he said - We didn't know [how ill she was] until a couple of weeks before she died. We got pulled in, and told this is going to happen with mum. I remember crying for two days. Non-stop. I went to see my mum in the hospice after she passed away, and the next day, I went straight back to school, carried on as if everything was all right.

The Ireland man, who was born in England, promised he would represent Ireland after his mum died. The 33-year-old has been capped 49 times, scoring 14 goals.