Arsenal legend slams The Ox

Former Arsenal striker Thierry Henry has said that Liverpool midfielder Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain is likely to struggle to find his niche at Anfield.

Henry called to question the 24-year-old’s recent statements, where the Englishman stated that he chose to move to Liverpool because he believes that boss Jurgen Klopp will make him a better player.

The Frenchman, who admitted that he still doesn’t know what ex-Arsenal outcast is good at, read mischief in the midfield specialist’s statements because they were framed to mean that the wantaway didn’t get that at the Emirates.

Chamberlain will not doubt have a difficult time convincing analysts that his struggles with the Gunners were an isolated incident after having a lackluster debut with the Reds on Saturday, in a match where perennial rivals Manchester City handed them an emphatic 5-0 thrashing.