Wenger blasts ref, AGAIN!

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger reportedly aimed another dig at referee Michael Oliver for awarding perennial rivals Manchester City an ‘unfair’ penalty in their recent 3-1 loss.

Le Professeur was speaking in a recent interview where he went on record to state that the match’s official ‘had an absolutely atrocious input into the result of the game’, further adding that he felt that his team was ‘hugely punished’ with the resulting goal since they were ‘still in the game at 2-1’.

Wenger also rubbished claims that City are an ‘unstoppable’ side, and lamented that boldly labelled them just a ‘good’ side since according to him, the fixture was ‘a very tight game’ and the Cityzens ‘created very little’ and ‘had very little number of shots on target’ - a development which has analysts believing that the Frenchman largely blames the outcome of the match on the officiating and not his squad’s shortcomings or their opponent’s superiority.

The 21-year manager appeared set to escape disciplinary action from the FA regarding his conduct from the match but now risks a fresh inquisition into the matter, which could ultimately see the 68-year-old slapped with hefty sanctions.