Muhoroni parades team to face SoNy as it bids KPL goodbye

Relegated Muhoroni Youth has named the squad to take on SoNy Sugar in the midweek clash on November 14, 2017 at Awendo Green Stadium.

Said Juma will be the goalkeeper, defenders are Jacob Ombija, Jeconia Ogendo, Jacob Faina, and Robert Indimuli. Collins Agade, Kityo Bliss and Maxwell Onyango will line the midfield area. John Mark Ochieng, Hassan Kiyoyo and Farouk Mudoola will lead the attacks.

Starting XI: Said Juma, Jacob Ombija, Jeconia Ogendo, Faina Jacobs, Robert Indimuli, Collins Agade, Bliss Kityo, Maxwell Onyango, Farouk Mudoola, Hassan Kiyoyo, Johnmark Ochieng.

Subs: Salim Sowedi, James Ogada, Yusuf Mohammed, Gradus Ochieng, Venval Thomas, Anthony Otuoma, Ambroye Ayoyi