Retired on his Birthday: The stunning numbers of Yakubu's goals in the EPL

"Feed the Yak and he'll score" was a phrase used on the Nigerian international Yakubu Ayiegbeni during his era in the English PremierĀ 

The evergreen hitman announced his retirement from football this Wednesday 21 November at age of 35.

Not only was he a prolific poacher for his country, Yakubu's impressive goal-scoring numbers in the Premier league ranks him among African best net-busters who ever graced the league.

The attacker is Africa's third-best scorer on EPL with 96 goals, two behind Emmanuel Adebayor and record holder darling Didier Drogba.

Yakubu whose extended spell in England, spanned over 250 appearances played in eight English clubs with Portsmouth, Middlesbrough, Everton, and Blackburn Rovers among them.

Among the player he has better goals include Fernando Torres, Cristiano Ronaldo. Nwanko Kanu and Luis Suarez.

"Feed the Yak and he'll score no more!"