Origi team mated bashed for weird trophy celebration

Arnold Origi Lillestrom's team mate Aleksander Melgalvis Andreassen has been harshly criticized for stripping naked when celebrating their Football title.

The Norwegian Football Federation has said that it would have been better if the player would have shown the trophy some respect. Andreassen stripped naked and and placed the trophy on his genitals while on stages.

The Norwegian FA communications director, Yngve Haavik, told TV2:

- Winning the Cup is a big thing and obviously it should be celebrated. But it is very possible to do so in a manner that shows the cup a bit more respect. I am sure it wasn’t intentional from Melgalvis but it came out the wrong way regardless. I think Melgalvis and Lillestrom agree with that, Norwegian FA communication director was quoted by The Guardian.

I Admit

- [Winning the cup] was something I never thought I would experience, I’ve come a long way to play in a cup final. Of course I can understand that [people thought] it was a bit over the top. I’ll admit that and apologise, but it is not something I regret, Melgalvis defended himself.

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