Youthful sportsmen challenged to invest

The Kenyan sports personalities have been challenged to take advantage of their youthful age and invest wisely being that the careers are short-lived. 

According to former journalist turned PR and Communication guru Chris Kissa, the investments will ensure that the sportsmen live decent lives when the time to retire comes in the mid-thirties. 

-Sports people should be encouraged to invest when they are energetic and young. They should know that when they invest now, it keeps them away from trouble and vulnerability. Even sports people who have exited the scene should be encouraged, he stated. 

SOYA Awards

Kissa, who sits in the Sports Personality of the Year Awards [SOYA] panel courtesy if his position in the NSSF states that saving for youthful players shields them from tough times when they cannot take advantage of their talents, which is normal. 

The SOYA panel is now receiving nominations for the 2018 event to be held in January. 

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