Wenger defends Sanchez

Arsenal boss Arsene Wenger has defended ex-forward Alexis Sanchez against allegations that suggested that he was not committed to the club before his exit in January.

Speaking at recent interview with BT Sport, Wenger said, “For him it was very difficult because as soon as he had game that was average he was questioned about his commitment and that is not his case. When he is on the football pitch he wants to win. But it was a bit unfair to him I think.”

The tactician continued, “What was a bit unfair to Sanchez: he was questioned every time “is he committed or not committed? There was always a debate and then of course it starts to unsettle a little bit but I never questioned his commitment but it was a difficult situation.”

Lone wolf

In the weeks leading up to Sanchez’s highly publicised switch to Manchester United, it had been rumoured that the Chilean had been deemed an outcast by his teammates both on the pitch and in the locker room.

Speculations had even suggested that a large section of Gunners players had urged both Wenger and the management to offload the former Barcelona star in order to safeguard their cohesion moving forward.

Both Sanchez and his critics now have the opportunity to prove who indeed was the problem all along.

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