United legend schools Mourinho

Manchester United great Gary Neville has told boss Jose Mourinho that his team have to become ‘killers’ for them to reclaim their former glory.

Speaking on the Gary Neville Podcast, the Englishman said, “The individual talent is there but to coordinate that into a team is Jose Mourinho's job in the next few months. He has to make them into a team. They look like a team that play five per cent below the intensity that they can play at and should play at.”

The former defender continued, “ That's what Jose Mourinho has to do. He has to mould this talented group of players into a team that can come together and can win the title. They have to become killers in the final third and they are not at the moment.”

United currently sit second on the Premier League, 16 points behind runaway league leaders Manchester City, who have quickly established themselves as the standard for English football. Many argue that only a miracle can get the English giants back to title contention at this point of the season - sentiments that are difficult to disagree with.

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