Mathare remains unblemished, Thika to wait longer

Mathare United has kept their unbeaten run going after coming from a goal down to register a 1-1 draw against Thika United at Thika sub-county stadium on March 3rd, 2017.

With unbeaten run behind every Mathare player, the intention to score early and keep control of the game was evident as they pushed and kept the ball away from their hosts through the bumpy Thika ground did not help.

Thika did not sit and watched though, Hansel Ochieng getting the first clear chance but was outmuscled by David Owino as he readied to take a shot. Masakidi Mata had his chance, George Owino standing firm to block his shot and finally, Shami Kibwana making a right turn after being teed up by Baraka Badi, his shot though was easily collected by Robert Mboya. That characterized proceedings in the first ten minutes of the Thika duel.

Poor Pitch 

Sammy Meja was lively on his left flank and two of his deliveries were squandered by Abdalla Hassan and Masakadi Mata. The home side was quick to adapt to the pitch as Mathare struggled thus affecting their game and the few advances they dared made going forward. Assad should have actually scored in the 42nd minute when he tried to back heel a delivery into the box by Kibwana. His antics surely wasted a fine chance for Thika. Robert Mboya parried away a Dennis Odhiambo long-range shot and kept Mathare in the game as Thika seemed to use every opportunity and space accorded to them by the visitors. 


Shami Kibwana converted from the spot after the center referee awarded Thika a penalty. Kibwana was brought down by Samwel Olwande on the right-hand side of the opponent's box. He rose to send Mboya the wrong side and buried the ball just inside of the left post. Second half and Thika were altogether a different animal with Mathare scrambling to deal with the resurgence of the struggling KPL side. Alwanga should have actually scored for Mathare but Allan Owiny was quick to intercept before the former Tusker man took a shot ten minutes after the hour mark.

Cliff Nyakeya scored the equalizing goal after heading in a fine cross from Alwanga from outside the area. At this time, Thika looked lost, disoriented and disjointed and The Slum Boys were quick to launch attacks from the ensuing confusion.

Thika United  Starting XI: Allan Owiny, Baraka Badi, Sammy Meja, Kassim Mwinyi, Francis Balabala, Dennis Odhiambo, Said Tsuma, Mata Masakadi, Abdalla Asad (Davies Agesa), Kibwana Shami, Hanzel Ochieng,

Unused subs: Caleb Wafula, Zak Matasi, Stephen Odhiambo, Dennis Lewa, James Kinyanjui, Benson Iregi, 

Mathare United Starting XI: Robert Mboya, David Owino, George Owino, Christopher Omurwa, Samwel Olwande, Francis Omondi, Chripin Oduor, Edward Seda, Daniel Mwaura (Chris Ochieng), Cliff Nyakeya, Clifford Alwanga,

Unused subs: Wycliffe Kasaya, Roy Okal, Ahmed Ahmad, Ronald Reagan, Klinsman Omulanga, Chris Oduor, Lennox Ogutu.