Good transfer activity behind Bandari surge

Bandari FC head coach Ken Odhiambo says the reason Bandari is doing well so far in the season, is down to the fact the team made rational signings in the January transfer window.

The team was not among the most active and went for youthful, unknown players to beef up the team after a dismal show in the 2017 campaign and the coach says the new players sparked good competition which is benefitting the team.

“If you look at the transfer dealings we had at the start of the year, we were very keen not to go for names but good young players.


“Last season we brought in established players and our season didn’t go as expected, so we decided to change things. The result has been good competition which has benefitted the team,” he said.

The team dropped a number of big name players and made sweeping changes to the coaching unit and the fruits are there for all to see, with the team’s youthful midfielder Anthony Wambani, already named the February player of the month.