Who has run the furthest in Premier League: No 20 will knock your socks off

Premier League tracking data shows that Manchester United have covered less ground than any other side this season.

Jose Mourinho's men, who were beaten 1-0 by Chelsea on Super Sunday, have covered 1162 km so far, putting them just below relegation-threatened West Ham at the bottom of the rankings.

1st    Bournemouth       1256 km

2nd    West Brom          1247 km

3rd    Tottenham          1246 km

4th    Watford               1241 km

5th    Burnley                 1238 km

6th    Arsenal                 1237 km

7th    Chelsea                1234 km

8th    Brighton               1225 km

9th    Man City              1225 km

10th    Huddersfield     1221 km

11th    Liverpool               1217 km

12th    Newcastle           1213 km

13th    Everton                  1209 km

14th    Crystal Palace    1201 km

15th    Leicester              1195 km

16th    Southampton    1194 km

17th    Stoke                  1183 km


18th   Swansea          1182 km

19th  West Ham        1162 km

20th  Man Utd           1162 km

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