Following the arrest of some staunch fans of Accra Hearts of Oak in their Clash with Kotoko, A section of Hearts fans have started a "No more friendly games against Kotoko ” campaign"

According to the fans they have taken this stance because Referees who mediate their encounters with Kotoko always cheat them.

“We don’t want any more friendlies against Kotoko. We have told our management to reconsider that and we mean it” Supporters spokesperson Paa Kofi Sunsum said after the Super Clash. 

“This is is not because we fear them but we feel things have gone beyond the rivalry boundary between us. The referees continue to cheat us when we play such games in Kumasi” Sunsum added. 

According to Abbas, another fan of hearts, when Kotoko fans misbehave they're not arrested so it is unfair to them.

“Most of the times that hey, Kotoko fans, misbehave they are are not caught but look at what is happening now. Our supporters were arrested and molested by the security. Enough is enough now.” Abbas said. 

Some seven fans of hearts of Oak were caught breaking seats at the score board area during the 2nd Leg of the Tabea Super Friendly. The destruction started after Referee Ben Kwame Sefa ignored a penalty call which eventually led to Kotoko taking a one go.