Klopp shuts down Neville
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Klopp shuts down Neville

Klopp shuts down Neville

14 Sep 2018, 13:35

Liverpool manager Jurgen Klopp responded to Gary Neville's suggestion that he should ignore the Champions League in favour of a Premier League push on Friday.

Klopp questioned the former Manchester United man's logic. According to Liverpool Echo's Sam Carroll, the German added a little dig at the pundit.

"How would that work? We don't play CL or what? Gary should come over and tell me exactly how that works. How do you prepare for a game when you don't focus on it? I don't understand, do we play our kids or what? To focus on one competition can only be if you are out, or nearly out, or if it's late in the season.

"Last year I don't think even think Gary would have said 'let City win in the CL.' Sitting in an office talking about football is different to doing the job."

Per Paul Gorst of the Liverpool Echo, Neville suggested such an approach could keep the team healthy toward the end of the season in an interview with The Times.