PSG contacts Real Madrid on Neymar transfer speculation
PSG contacts Real Madrid on Neymar transfer speculation

PSG contacts Real Madrid on Neymar transfer speculation

PSG president Nasser Al-Khelaifi has contacted his Real Madrid counterpart over constant speculation on Neymar’s approach.

The Brazilian captain has been long rumoured to be heading to Santiago Bernabeu and the PSG owner has admitted that it is unfair for other clubs to continue talking about their players.

"We don't like it at all and we have spoken to Real Madrid. It's a bit frustrating, it's not fair that other clubs talk about our players. We have a good relationship and they respect PSG, and I hope that's the truth. We respect Real Madrid, their president, Florentino Perez, but I think that it's important for everyone not to work behind the scenes.” Al-Khelaifi said.

He has urged the Champions League reigning champions to come out clear on their pursuit of the player so that both parties can express their opinions about the same.

Candid talk

"I don't know if he understands me. If there is something, we speak, speak with Florentino Perez or whatever it is and we speak about what we like and what we don't like. It's what we want with all clubs, not just Real Madrid. Fighting amongst each other is not the way PSG works and I hope other clubs don't do that to us." he added.

Neymar joined PSG from Barcelona for €222 million last summer and it infuriated the Catalan giants and La Liga where its president Javier Tebas termed the PSG acquisition of Neymar as “financial doping”.

"I have never spoken about Tebas behind his back and he does. The last time, I was very clear with him. It's better to say things to someone's face. He attacks the whole world, Juve, Inter Milan, PSG. Let him worry about his matters, La Liga and with his clubs, and leave us alone to work. I'm not worried because we aren't against La Liga. Leave us alone and the rest too.” Al Khelaifi concluded.



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