Everton face points deduction
Everton face points deduction

Everton face points deduction

Everton could reportedly face a heavy sanction and potential points deduction for their poaching of Marco Silva.

Watford are adamant that Everton deserve to be punished and believe their interest in Silva led to them fighting relegation last season. The Portuguese was eventually sacked in January after a deterioration of their results, with the club saying an “illegal approach” from Everton had been a “catalyst for the decision”.

A meeting took place in April between the two clubs in an effort to resolve their differences, however no agreement could be reached.

Frustration has developed after Watford felt they received assurance from Everton that Silva would not be pursued, before eventually joining the club on a three-year deal in June. There were also rumours of Everton paying an inflated fee for Brazilian forward Richarlison as part of a ‘peace deal’, however that has been denied.

Should Everton be found guilty, they will end up with compensation being paid to the Hertfordshire club.

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