Bus conductor wins Ghc 57,776.93 to become betPawa Ghana’s first BIG winner of 2019
Bus conductor wins Ghc 57,776.93 to become betPawa Ghana’s first BIG winner of 2019
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Bus conductor wins Ghc 57,776.93 to become betPawa Ghana’s first BIG winner of 2019

A bus conductor from Greater Accra became betPawa Ghana’s first BIG winner of 2019 after he walked away Ghc 57,776.93 richer from a Ghc 1 stake on 10 games. David Arhinkorah is the latest prime example of how using betPawa can help bettors to bet small win BIG!

The betPawa 50% and 100% win bonuses have helped lots of bettors boost their final returns, with 50% being applied on 10 or more games and 100% activated after 20 or more. David enjoyed a 50% win bonus after betting Ghc 1 on 10 games, taking his initial returns of Ghc 38,517.95 to Ghc 57,776.93.

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How David won Ghc 57,776.93 with a Ghc 1 stake on 10 games

After betting with betPawa for about 2 or 3 months, David has never won such a large amount prior to his BIG win. In fact, David remained in shock when his results did come through, saying “I was not expecting to win. I think it was luck on my part because I wasn’t expecting to win. I am very happy but still in shock.”

The bus conductor was attracted to betPawa for a number of reasons, saying “It’s the only betting website that I find easy to use. betPawa also offers generous win bonuses and I like the way they offer no minimum stakes to help bettors bet small win BIG!”

How his BIG win will help to support his family’s future

When asked about how he’ll use his Ghc 57,776.93 winnings, David stated that the money will help to shape the future for not only himself but his family too, adding, “I have planned to start a business and also help my younger brothers in school to complete their education.”

The Greater Accra resident also gave advice to other bettors who are yet to win BIG, “What I can tell them is that if they haven’t won such an amount before, they shouldn’t give up! Tomorrow could be the day you get lucky!”

betPawa would like to congratulate David on his win! We hope that you enjoy your winnings.

What is betPawa’s no minimum stake? betPawa offers its customers with the genuine chance to bet small win BIG by allowing users to bet as little as Ghc 1.

What is betPawa’s win bonus? betPawa offers the best win bonus in Ghana, allowing users to win up to 100% extra. With 50% for 10 correct picks and 100% for 20 correct picks or more, meaning you get much more in return!

betPawa is the easiest way to bet online securely. Not only do they offer the best odds on the market but they provide their customers with the opportunity to bet small win BIG using a no minimum odds service of just Ghc 1, they also offer win bonuses to increase betting returns and they provide 24hr support to customers that need it.

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