Tribute to the man James OduCobra
Tribute to the man James OduCobra

Tribute to the man James OduCobra

Today is my last day at This is also the last piece I am penning. And it is very sad it had to be a tribute to a very close friend, James OduCobra, who was brutally murdered by terrorists during the #RiversideAttack. I am writing this with tears in my eyes, but I have to do it. Everyone in local football circles has paid a tribute to him. It is now my turn. I can write a full book about this man but I will make it as short as possible.

I re-joined six months ago as a Local News Editor from It was not an easy move to make but Oducobra is among the few close friends who knew why I did it. Life happens, things change. I have enjoyed my stay at Futaa and while I am not sure what happens or where I will land next, I choose to use this last article and the next few weeks to celebrate the life of my friend, Oducobra.

Football and Reggae 

I love football. I love reggae music. And that is why we clicked with Oducobra from day one. We knew each other on social media circles but I remember one Monday evening in 2011 at Click, Baricho Road where I had passed by from work (at futaa) to enjoy some reggae music. Odu instantly noticed me and came over to where I was seated and we talked and talked, danced and danced till dawn. My plan was to be home by midnight but Odu derailed me. That is what Odu was.  A very friendly fellow, fun-loving and jovial. I can’t recall even one day he was sad. Not that he never went through the normal life difficulties, but he always chose to view things positively and enjoy life.

That reggae night by Jahmbo Sounds at Click Baricho Road was the beginning of a very close friendship with Odu. We hit off immediately and would attend football matches, reggae nights, played football and many other activities together. Odu was also very supportive. What many people don’t know, is Odu played a very huge role in my professional career as a football journalist as well. In 2015 I was running and was very eager to professionalize it to become the next big thing in football journalism. Odu helped in content writing and when I landed an opportunity to pitch to a group of potential investors at Strathmore University, he personally prepared the deck I used. The plan was for the two of us to do the presentation but he was busy at work and I went ahead to do it myself. To cut the long story short, grew and rebranded into and Odu played a very big role in this, unknown to many. He was equally passionate about the Wadau TV project and it is my hope it will now blossom into a successful media start-up.

Last Moments 

I was with Oducobra on Sunday 13th January at Kasarani for the Gor Mahia versus New Stars de Doula CAF Confederation Cup match. This was the last time I saw him. A group of friends and I were planning a hike at Mt Kilimambogo early next month and Oducobra had taken a lead in this. Sadly, this won’t happen anymore, not now. I have lost a very close friend, confidant and a brother. I am yet to come to terms with his demise but everything happens for a reason.

Finally, I have to say this. Oducobra loved his family and wanted the best for them. He wanted his kids to study in the best of schools and live a better life than he did. Dee, take this from me. Odu loved you and the two kids Jannele and Giovanni. May the Almighty God give you and the entire family strength during this tough period.

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Inna Lillahi wa inna ilayhi Raji’un