Egyptian club expelled from Champions league after fan violence
Egyptian club expelled from Champions league after fan violence

Egyptian club expelled from Champions league after fan violence

The Confederation of African Football (CAF) has expelled Ismaily Sports Club from the 2018-19 CAF Champions League because of fans violence that led to their match day two group stage fixture against Ckub Africain to end prematurely.

The fans were particularly not impressed with the centre referee Sidi Alioumu from Cameroon who awarded two quick penalties in the last five minutes to the Tunisians who were trailing 1-0.

Ghazi Ayadi converted both kicks but the second is what ignited the dynamite in the stands.

The referee had awarded a freekick but, after a second thought aided by his assistant’s opinion, pointed to the spot.

Referee's statement

The referee couldn't continue with the game after the 85th minute as the home fans grew wild.

He noted the incident in his report and stated: "the home fans of Ismaily continously threw stones and water bottles on the assistant referee and the visiting team specifically on the 86th minute while Club Africain's team was attempting to take a corner kick.

Adding that, "After continuous failed attempts to restart play, it was decided to call off the match and both teams and officials escorted to the dressing rooms by the security personnel to avoid any harm caused by thrown objects from the fans."

CAF's verdict

After weighing the whole scenario according to the match officials account, CAF invoked Chapter XII paragraph 3 of the Champions League rules and regulations that states:

“If the referee is forced to stop the match before the end of the regular time because of invasion of the field or aggression against the visiting team, the host team shall be considered loser and shall be eliminated from the competition, without prejudice to the sanctions existing in the regulations.”

Table standings

The ruling body also used Chapter XI article 13 of the same rules to update the table standings.

It dictates that, "If a team withdrawn after the start of the group matches without having played half of the group matches, the overall results of the matches in which the team is participated is cancelled.

Therefore, according to the above, CS Constantine from Algeria leads the table with six points after two games as Club Africain and TP Mazembe reset to zero but with minus one and three goals that they conceded against the leaders.

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