Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has revealed that he understands English football better after beating Newport County 4-1 in the FA Cup fifth round.

Manchester City came back stronger in the second half as Riyadh Mahrez, Leroy Sane and a brace from Phil Foden handed them an emphatic scoreline before Padraig Amond gave Newport the consolation goal. The pitch was muddy and bumpy as City found it hard to string passes all through the game.

Speaking in a post-match press conference after the win over Newport, Guardiola noted that he now understands English football better, "The home crowd was amazing, winning here, I realise English football today better than ever and how tough the cup is in these conditions. They use their points where they are better than us. That is why I am so delighted with how we have played here today.

“We are in 4 competitions – every game is completely different. You play league two then champions league. You have to adapt and change mentality and that means a lot to grow like as a team and the big mistake is believing you are better than anyone. It is a mistake like United are praised and better than PSG, but you see what happened. You have to be calm and prepare well."