Guardiola identifies big lesson after FA progress
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Guardiola identifies big lesson after FA progress

Guardiola identifies big lesson after FA progress

17 Mar 2019, 16:30

Pep Guardiola has identified the consistency that has been displayed by Manchester City as the biggest lesson future club players will learn from the current squad.

Man City had to fight from 2-0 down to seal a 3-2 comeback against Swansea at Liberty stadium and that means they are still in contention of three titles. A quadruple dream for Guardiola's team remain possible after defending the Carabao Cup and remain in the chase of the Champions League, the Premier League and the FA Cup glory.

"People say we are going to win three or four titles and the day we drop one competition they say it's a big failure for Manchester City. The most incredible thing after what we achieved last season is in this stage we are fighting for everything. So, most important for the club - more than winning one title - is having the mentality to be there until the end and fight for the titles in this stage of the season. Fighting for everything is the most important thing for the club." Guardiola told BBC Sport.

"People will say not winning the Champions League is a big, big failure for this club but I don't understand when this comes from former players - they know how difficult it is to win the Champions League or win the title. It is so difficult because the opponents are so good and we have 10 months with a lot of games," he added.

Man City will play Fulham on Saturday.

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