Oldham owner Abdallah Lemsagam says the club will try to convince Manchester United legend Paul Scholes to rejoin them. 

Scholes stepped down on March 14 after claiming Lemsagam interfered with the team selection. However, the club owner has denied Scholes' claims saying he did not meddle with the manager's decision. The United legend who resigned via Whatsapp would be welcome at Oldham according to Lemsagam. 

On Scholes' resignation

"It hurt, yes. But it's part of life. It's a pity because to just send a WhatsApp was a little bit hard, not only for me but for the club," he told Sky Sports.

"We will try to convince him to come back. I tried to call him many times but he did not answer. It's a pity how it came out but we wish him luck. He is a really good man and maybe will be a good manager in the future."

On interfering with team selection

"I was away for something like three weeks, 21 days. How can I interfere with his job when I am away in Dubai seeing my family? The only time I talked to him [Scholes] was about a player and whether to keep him or not. He told me he was happy to let him go."

"As chairman and as the owner, I am allowed to talk to some of the players if we don't need them, to try and find some solution."

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