Solskjaer criticized for appointing Pogba captain
Solskjaer criticized for appointing Pogba captain

Solskjaer criticized for appointing Pogba captain

Football analysts Dan Castles has blasted Ole Gunnar Solskjaer for handing Paul Pogba the captain's armband when Manchester United was playing against Wolves.

Pogba was initially made captain by Jose Mourinho and was later stripped of the responsibility when their relationship started going sour. Castles argued that Pogba does not deserve to captain the club because his behaviour before is known and the fact that no one protested when he was stripped of the armband, tells a story about how his fellow players see him.

“I think Ole Gunnar Solskjaer hasn’t made many mistakes since he became manager of Manchester United, but I really do not understand why he chose to make Paul Pogba captain of the team in the same season in which he’d been stripped of the captaincy in front of the rest of the players for those press comments that I mentioned earlier,” he told The Transfer Window podcast.

“Stripped of the captaincy in a way that the other players didn’t particularly object to. They understood the reasons for it because he wasn’t acting like a captain. Now Solskjaer’s argument would be that Pogba’s played very well for him during the period that he’s been in charge of the club, which is correct, and therefore you dispense with what has happened in the past." he added.

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Pogba was on the verge of leaving Man United in the last transfer window and Castles believe even his own agent's behaviour of offering the French man to Manchester City then showed disrespect for the club, therefore, he does not deserve any leadership position.

“But I think there’s a real naivety about that kind of reasoning because what happened in the past happened. The whole squad that he works with saw what happened, they’ve seen the way that Pogba has behaved over his three years at the club, they’ve seen the potential for him and for his agent, remember, an agent who last season went around the major clubs in Europe, including direct rivals Manchester City, offering his player to them because the player wasn’t happy with his situation at Manchester United.” Castles explained.

Man United were knocked out of the FA Cup by Wolves.

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