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 Football analysts Anish Kotamarthi and Johnny Magrinho have given their verdict on criticism Unai Emery has been getting and why Dennis Suarez can be the worst season signing.

Arsenal fans have been showing signs of impatience whenever the team has not been going their way and Anish feels that is not right for fans to turn against their manager in such moments. Magrinho, on his part, was categorical that Arsenals move for Suarez must be the worst decision taken by the club.

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"What Emery has done so far is nothing short of great but for us Arsenal fans need to stop being so fickle and putting him down when results don't go our way. The way the fans reacted to the Ozil situation was a joke. We need to support him fully because he deserves it," Anish told BBC Sport.

"What was the point in Arsenal signing Denis Suarez? Just so he can sit on the bench for his entire loan period? Worst signing of the season by a mile. And why Elneny, Mkhitaryan and Aubameyang are on the bench I’ll never know. Sheer arrogance," Magrinho said.

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