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Nigeria-born defender Nedum Onuoha has said he turned down a suppossed apology from Zlatan Ibrahimovic after both players clashed during La Galaxy’s 2-1 win over Real Salt Lake on Sunday.

Onuoha, a former Manchester City player, and Ibrahimovic, a former Man United striker clashed twice before the Swede scored the 78th-minute winner and celebrated in Onuoha's face.

The first flashpoint came in the 60th minute, when 37-year-old Ibrahimovic was booked for dragging Onuoha to the ground by his neck in an off-the-ball incident.

Onuoha said the former Manchester United striker then made the threats to him following another challenge shortly afterwards.

After the game, Ibrahimovic approached Onuoha in the dressing room, but the 32-year-old still feels disrespected.

"He started coming towards me and said, 'have you calmed down, big man?'

"The amount of disrespect he showed me on the field - I want to let things go, but I can't let them go, especially when it is so raw.

"The way he came in was almost arrogant in itself, trying to be all friendly. But this is the guy who fouled me on the field, tried to embarrass me when they scored, then he comes in to try and allegedly apologise.

"I do not think he is a good person, so I am not going to offer my hand and, in no uncertain terms, I told him to get out."

Asked about the confrontation, Ibrahimovic told reporters: "What happens on the field stays on the field".