All set for Babu Cup 11th edition
All set for Babu Cup 11th edition

All set for Babu Cup 11th edition

Babu Ponyoka na Mbuzi Cup sponsored by Makina, Kibera MCA Alhad Adam Babu entered its 11th Edition this year.

The tournament, which is played at Karanja Grounds during Ramadhan period has two categories, open and unfit. Youths from 10 to 30 years feature for open while unfit categories include men above thirty years. Speaking to, Babu has revealed he wants the tournament, which started earlier in the week to be concluded on June 9th.


“The main aim of the tournament is to promote unity which will enhance security. And also for the young players, we are serving as role models. We want to show them they still have that opportunity to grow in their football career,” he said.

“It is a platform for the young ones to nurture their talents and show them they can do more than want they think,” he added.

Already two matches have been played in each pool with the round of three set to start over the weekend. 

Pool A

  • Bankers
  • Pamoja FC
  • Warriors FC
  • Al-Aqsa

Pool B

Pool C

  • Toi FC
  • Mengeles FC
  • Lomle FC
  • Rockers

Pool D

  • Pamoja
  • Makongeni
  • Mizuka