Mighty Mufulira Wanderers will finish the 2019 Transitional league season seventh place after the Football Association of Zambia (FAZ) Player Status Committee awarded them three points.

According to a press release from FAZ accessed by Futaa Zambia Wanderers were awarded three points after the Player Status Committee docked Prison Leopards three points and awarded them to Wanderers for use of an ineligible player, Rodwell Yolamu.

Prison Leopards have been handed a K5,000 fine and the said player has been given a season long ban.


The facts we established from the evidence is that we were presented with were that the player was first registered with Young Prison Leopards Football Club in 2013 playing season as a new player. In the 2016 season playing season he was transferred to Kashikishi Warriors football club who for unexplained reasons registered him as a new player for 2016 playing season and renewed his registration for the 2017 and 2019 seasons,” reads the judgment in part.

However, due to challenges with the transfer matching system both registrations by Young Prison Leopards Football Club and Kashikishi Warriors Football Club were only approved by FAZ registrar in the 2017 playing season at the same time so that it seemed as though the player now had two identity numbers -010214M96 and 027454M94, Kashikishi Warriors Football Club then transferred the player to the 1st complainant during the 2018 playing season.

The respondent then attempted to transfer the player from the said 1st complaint by request in the TMS but the same declined. It was then that they reverted to the first registration under Young Prison Leopards Football Club from whom they purported to have transferred the player and obtained an identity card for him under that record.