Prison Leopards coach Ishmael Balanga believes his team will cone back to the Super League immediately following their relegation to the National division one.

Balanga is happy with the way his team is playing despite them being relegated. He emphasized on the fact that he has only had two months with the team and has managed to transform how they play.

"We going back to division one and we will prepare ourselves well so that we can come back next season. Am not disappointed that we have going back it's okay its football," He said.

"We made Zanaco suffer today we only conceded the second goal by some mistake . Am very happy with how my team performed and I have managed this in just two months," He added.

Prison Leopards were handed a 2-1 defeat by Zanaco on the final day and were docked three points by the FAZ player status committee to finish bottom of Stream A with 9 points .