Arsenal goalkeeper Petr Cech has hung his gloves, bringing an end to a glamorous career spanning almost two decades.

Cech played his last competitive match as Arsenal lost 4-1 to London rivals Chelsea in the Europa League final on Wednesday, but it does not take away his achievements over the years. 

His best years were definitely with the Blues, where he won numerous titles including the Champions League and four Premier League titles. 

The Czech international has opened up on life lessons learnt from his career as quoted by the club's website. 

1. Work Ethic

Cech believes everything boils down to work ethic and you cannot achieve your targets if you lack work ethic. 

"You can have so many opportunities from people around you, but if you are not prepared to take them, your career can take a totally wrong direction," 

2. Adversity 

The goalie points out adversity and the need to overcome it as another key lesson in life. He asserts that having mental strength especially during rough times is key to succeeding and jumping over obstacles. 

3. Humility

Cech also points at humility as one of the key lessons that the game has taught him. 

"If you're down to earth, and you work hard for yourself and the team, you're the guys who gives people confidence and they generally like you, it brings the best out of you and your team,"

4. Keep learning

According to Cech, learning something new every other day helps in regenerating and giving a fresh start each and every time. 

"If you keep challenging yourself and keep trying to getting better, this is actually how you keep improving yourself and you get better,"

5. Belief and support

Cech notes that believing in oneself and getting the support needed from the right people is key in succeeding. 

"You need to choose the people you work with wisely because once you make mistakes, your career can go wrong,"

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