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Manchester United midfielder Paul Pogba has revealed the toughest opponent he has faced in World football is N'Golo Kante.

Pogba and Kante are French compatriots but face each other in the league when Manchester United comes up against Chelsea. The former Leicester City man is known to be full of running and an astute tackler who can win back possession easily. Pogba is also regarded as one of the best midfielder's in the world who can chip in with goals and create wonderful scoring opportunities.

In an interview with the Times, Pogba was asked the toughest opponent he has faced, "N'golo [Kante]." The question was followed up by the best player he has played with, "That's a hard question. Like top, top, top players. I'll give you, I'll give you two. Because I've done two clubs, so I'll give you two. Pirlo, a midfielder, and Paul Scholes, so two midfielders."

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