Raphael Asudi has been one of the shining lights in Nairobi Stima's impressive season that has seen them earn a place in the Kenyan Premier League Promotion/Relegation Play-Offs. The on-loan Gor Mahia midfielder showed flashes of brilliance in the game against Posta Rangers as I caught up with the player for a brief interview.

Having lost 2-1 in the first leg of the KPL Promotion/Relegation Play-Offs, what is your assessment of the game?

We played well, I feel that they were a bit lucky so heading into the second leg we will work on our mistakes, regroup and come back strong, we also had a couple of injuries but we will try to overturn this scoreline.

Stima played well in the game but the team's pace sort of dropped off in the latter stages of the second half, where do you think the problem is?

Part of the problem was that it was the first time that many players were playing against a KPL side so there was a bit of tension but now after playing them, I think the team has gathered confidence so when we head into the second leg, we are hopeful of getting something.

With the second leg on Wednesday 19th June, how confident are you getting a result against Posta Rangers?

I'm 110% confident we can get a result, we have already gotten a glimpse of their play, we did not have videos of their play but after playing with them we now know what to expect.

Having spent a season at Stima do you think you have impressed your parent club Gor Mahia?

I think this season I have impressed them because I have received phone calls of people saying how good I have been playing, so If I get the chance of returning I think I can impress.

Gor Mahia is certainly the biggest club in the country with a lot of competition in every position on the field, do you feel that when you return you can offer a challenge?

What I can say is that I did not have that much experience but now that I have been on loan, I have gotten play time, so I'm confident if I go back I can give competition.

Have you received any transfer offers from other clubs?

I can't say for now though I have a couple of offers.

Since moving out on loan have you talked to Hassan Oktay?

We have not spoken recently because he went on holiday, we spoke once and he told me to keep improving and I have also been in touch with the players and officials who urge me to keep on improving then I will get my chance.

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