Zanaco CEO clears the air over Dubai route

Zanaco CEO clears the air over Dubai route

Zanaco Football Club General Manager, Marlon Kananda has cleared the air over the team's route to Mauritius for a CAF Confederation Cup tie which included a stopover in Dubai.

In an interview with Zanaco Media team at Dubai International Airport, Kananda clarified that the Dubai route was cheaper and more convenient than other available routes for the Bankers to travel to Mauritius.

"Zanaco Football Club used the Dubai route because of some factors that kicked in which include the cost of other airlines to Mauritius. Mauritius is an expensive destination and other airlines including chartering a plane would have meant we spend close to $80,000 and $120,000 respectively," he said.

So going with Emirates is more economically cheaper for the club, the team will travel as a whole and not in batches and will have enough rest before the game on Sunday. Soccer fans should not worry, we have put everything in place to motivate the players," he added

Zanaco will square off with Bolton City YC Football Club on Sunday, September 15 at Anjalay Stadium in Belle Vue Harel, Pamplemousses District, Mauritius at 15:00 hours Local time, (13:00 hours Zambian time).