Azpilicueta reveals what Abraham, Jorginho told Barkley before penalty miss

Azpilicueta reveals what Abraham, Jorginho told Barkley before penalty miss

Chelsea captain Cezar Azpilicueta has said both Tammy Abraham and Jorginho encouraged Ross Barkley to take the penalty, which cost them a potential point against Valencia on Tuesday night. 

The Blues were trailing 1-0 at home in the Champions League when they got a chance to equalize from the spot, but Barkley's effort bounced off the crossbar. 

This happened even after Jorginho, Willian and Abraham tried to talk Barkley off the penalty decision, but the Englishman, who was a second-half introduction insisted on taking the responsibilities.

Despite many of the players showing their displeasure after the miss, Azpilicueta insisted they offered their support before and after the penalty, further noting that the 26-year-old was the club's first-choice penalty taker. 

"Ross is one of the best penalty takers in the team," Azpilicueta told BT Sport.

"He is one of the first to take one and he had the confidence to shoot. I think he was unlucky hitting the bar and of course, he will be disappointed because we could have got a point at the end," 

"They [Jorginho and Tammy Abraham] were encouraging him to have the confidence to score. There was high expectation so everyone was trying to take him into the best condition," 

"At the end of the game, a penalty can be decisive and unfortunately this time it went wrong for us. Hopefully next time he scores,"

The miss saw the Blues succumb to their first Champions League loss of the season, further complicating an already tricky group that has Ajax and Lille. 

They now shift their attention to the weekend's Premier League match against Liverpool. 

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