Alexander-Arnold reveals reason behind Liverpool success
Alexander-Arnold reveals reason behind Liverpool success

Alexander-Arnold reveals reason behind Liverpool success

Liverpool defender Trent Alexander-Arnold says his team has become a stronger side as a result of their setbacks. 

Arnold believes Liverpool players used lows in their careers, whether personal r collective as the catalyst to achieve success at Anfield. The England international reflected on the Reds Champions League loss to Real Madrid in 2018, with the Jurgen Klopp's men lifted the trophy the following season while picking 97 points in the Premier League. This saw Manchester City crowned the Champions, beating Liverpool with a point to the title. 

"The players that we have in our side have all had failures before, we’ve all had setbacks and knockbacks," the right-back told Premier League Productions.

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"We’ve really bounced back from there and got to where we are now and where we are as a team. The biggest example of that is probably the fact that we lost the Champions League final the season before and were able to use that as motivation to get back there and win it the next season."

"It’s something a lot of teams aren’t capable of, but we’ve showed that we are and we’re able to get better from disappointment. 

Liverpool have 100% record in the current Premier League season, winning 8 out of 8 matches and will be up against Manchester United on Sunday in a PL clash.

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