🇶🇦 Al Hilal's Otayf on staying focused ahead of AFC Champions League second leg

🇶🇦 Al Hilal's Otayf on staying focused ahead of AFC Champions League second leg

​Al Hilal started off on the back foot in Doha but managed to secure a 4-1 victory and are on the verge of making their third final in five years according to the AFC official website. 

Al Sadd travelled to Riyadh without their valuable duo Abdelkarim Hassan and Baghdad Bounedjah but midfielder Abdullah Otayf strongly believes that both sides still have a point to prove going into the second leg of the AFC Champions League. 

“Undoubtedly, it’s still all to play for,” said the Saudi international midfielder. “It is true that we got a big result in the first leg, but this does not afford us the privilege of thinking we have already reached the final.”

“We are a big team, we don’t think about a draw or losing with a goal or two to reach the final. We won’t settle for that. Our ambition is to win this match. We have to completely forget about the first leg and stay fully focused on this match in order to get a win.

“We will go into the match with all our strength. Al Sadd are a very strong and organised team. They depend on keeping possession and have many strengths, but we are capable of beating them and advancing to the final."

“We were unlucky in the two previous finals, although we were the better team. That’s just football, but anyway, we are not there yet and we cannot allow ourselves to think we have reached the final already.

"At the moment, the most important thing is to beat Al Sadd, and only after that, we can start thinking about the final.”

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