Nick Mwendwa hits out at PS Kirimi Kaberia, vowing to fight till the end

Nick Mwendwa hits out at PS Kirimi Kaberia, vowing to fight till the end

Football Kenya Federation President Nick Mwendwa was waged war on Sports Principal Secretary Kirimi Kaberia after failing to get funding from the government. 

Mwendwa revealed that the Harambee Starlets will break camp and threatened to forfeit their Olympic qualifier against Zambia on Monday 4th November due to lack of funds.

According to reports, Kaberia has failed to release funds to the FKF due to their failure to produce an audit of the funds handed to them which was today made public by Mwendwa. 

Mwendwa took to Twitter to hit out at the PS for failing to release funds, claiming FKF innocence in their expenditure, "Tutaenda mpaka mwisho (we will continue till the end)..the girls must be taken care of. The fund has enough money for all sports.

"We have accounted for money as required, we have applied and followed procedure. The PS has to pay or say he won't. We can't have one man doing this.

"Sponsors hawako (exited), betting companies have closed down. It will take a while. In the meantime since the sportsfund has enough let the boys and girls play. Money has been accounted for and we must do justice to all. 

"We have accounted for all monies since 8th August 2019. Starlets funding requests have never been presented to the board. We have confirmed today. The starlets sweat and play for the flag, women also have to be taken care of. We are tired of giving them excuses."