Patience, friends and a huge win bonus help betPawa customer win TSh14,503,326.27
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Patience, friends and a huge win bonus help betPawa customer win TSh14,503,326.27

Peter Tluway shared the secrets of his incredible success after winning a life-changing TSh14,503,326.27 from one bet with betPawa.

The masai shoes entrepreneur received a 225% win bonus for making 29 selections. betPawa offer the best win bonus in Tanzania for all bets with three legs or more, including 250% for bets with 30 legs.

He revealed: “I had this mentality of ‘one day yes’. I had such a strong belief in myself that there is a day I’m going to be a BIG winner. Therefore, when I saw my betslip with the green wins, I felt like I met my purpose.”

Why Peter bets with betPawa

The Katesh resident found betPawa earlier this year while browsing. “I used to bet with other companies but once I started betting with betPawa, I was really having fun,” he revealed.

What does he like best? “The way how you treat your customers, you make us feel special. And the variety of markets you have, many matches across different countries.

“I like the 250% win bonus. I believe you guys are the only company in Tanzania with such a big win bonus. It really separates you from others.”

How Peter won BIG

As well as the win bonus, two other things helped Peter win TSh14,503,326.27 from a TSh10,000 bet.

Firstly, his approach was patient and imaginative. He picked 29 matches that took place across 12 days, and included games from Euro 2020 qualifying, the Champions League and even Northern Ireland’s Premiership. He also discusses bets with his friends on WhatsApp.

Peter explained: “Normally I have a group of my other four friends. Some of them work as bank tellers, some of them are doctors. We always do intensive research together and place our bets differently.

“And also, I normally select matches even which get to be played after two or three days, so I can get more matches on my betslip. I believe you have to have the passion for sports and the game of football specifically so you can get a broad knowledge while doing the research.

“I did my intensive research before betting and I know the majority bet on the major leagues such as the English Premier League, but I always look into various leagues.”

What next for Peter?

Did he watch closely as he moved closely to winning BIG? He said: “I was following up on my betslip, but also my other friends were on my neck asking me about it since I shared it on our WhatsApp group.

“When only seven matches were left, then four matches, one of my friends called me and said ‘your betslip is glowing, I have a feeling you will win this’. The first people to know were those four friends of mine who we have a group with. They were all happy for me.

“I have positive ideas with my winnings. I wanted to expand my business and enjoy my winnings while my business is growing.”

Asked if he had a message for people in Katesh, he added: “I think from where I come from, I'll be a living proof that this is real.”

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