OFFICIAL: Sony Sugar FC expelled from the Kenyan Premier League

OFFICIAL: Sony Sugar FC expelled from the Kenyan Premier League

Awendo based side Sony Sugar FC 26 year’s association with the Kenyan Premier League came to a close on Wednesday 20 November after failing to honor their game against Zoo Kericho.

Sony had dished two walkovers against AFC leopards and Tusker FC previously and with a third of the same against Zoo FC sealing their fate; KPL rules stating that expulsion was to be meted on any team that is to forfeit three games in a season.

The team woes started last season when a chunk of their players went for months without pay after their main sponsors, Sony Sugar Factory revoked their sponsorship from the team. A sponsor was found at the start of the season but they too vanished even before the season could pick up.

Sony had failed to travel on time for the Wednesday clash with a section of the group having broken camp earlier in the week. When they converged to make it to Kericho on Wednesday, the match officials decided to push the game to 4 pm after it was scheduled for 3pm.

The long journey on Wednesday from Awendo was to see the team arrive nine minutes past the 4 pm deadline; lateness that was not condoned by the officials. After a series of talks between the two teams, it was decided that the game couldn’t be played.

Formed in 1982, the club earned promotion to the Kenyan Premier League in 1993 and has been in the top flight since. They won the league title in 2005 and finished fifth last season.

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