Brentford's Pontus Jansson has his say on former manager Marcelo Bielsa

Brentford's Pontus Jansson has his say on former manager Marcelo Bielsa

It has been known for some time that Leeds United manager Marcelo Bielsa and defender Pontus Jansson suffered a strain in their relationship which saw the Sweden international leave the club during the European summer transfer window.

Despite the tension that happened between the manager and player, Jansson still regards Bielsa as a great manager who is immensely passionate about the game which no one can doubt. 

The 28-year-old signed a three-year deal with Brentford where he has made 19 appearances in the Championship and he is reportedly having the best time of his career. 

Brentford manager Thomas Frank made Jansson his side's captain and the Sweden international expressed his delight in working under Frank, much more than he did during his stint at Leeds under Bielsa. 

“Marcelo is mental in everything that he sees about football. As people, they are different because Marcelo does not want to have that close relationship with his players. One reason is the language barrier because he doesn’t speak English very well,” Jansson told The Sun via Sportlens.

“I would say I prefer a coach you can talk with. You don’t have to be able to talk about life in general but just football. You could do that with Marcelo but not as much because he’s God and he knows everything so you just have to listen.

“I learned so much from Marcelo, it’s just unbelievable how he sees football. But with me and Thomas we speak so much about football and I like that. With Thomas, I’m captain so our relationship is even closer than the other players have with him.”