Ugandan swimming coach wins UGX 27,216,953.59 betting with betPawa |
Ugandan swimming coach wins UGX 27,216,953.59 betting with betPawa
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Ugandan swimming coach wins UGX 27,216,953.59 betting with betPawa

Sadam Kintu won UGX 27,216,953.59 from a UGX 3,000 bet with the help of an 87th-minute Olympiakos penalty.

That late goal meant all 17 of his selections were successful, with his initial UGX 14,710,245.00 winnings increased by an 85% win bonus for betting on 17 legs. betPawa offer Uganda’s best win bonus for all bets with three legs or more, including 250% for 30 legs.

He said: “The moment they scored that penalty, I immediately screamed ‘betPawa, betPawa,  betPawaaaa, I love you betPawa, thank you betPawa’. My neighbours came to my rescue and I told them that no, I am just happy, betPawa has done it for me. I got super excited.

“After Olympiakos scored, I screamed and I opened up all the doors and windows of my house. Immediately, I picked up a phone and called my mum and I happily told her ‘mummy,  we are super rich, betPawa has made us rich’.

“I had a dream of doing commercial agriculture and, with this win, I am going to start my farming and build a house for my mum in remembrance of betPawa.

“If you haven’t yet joined betPawa, you are missing a lot. Come and join me at the betPawa winning team.”

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