Last-minute goal turns GH¢1 into GH¢96,891.57 for betPawa customer
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Last-minute goal turns GH¢1 into GH¢96,891.57 for betPawa customer

Ibrahim Issaka bet GH¢1 on 23 legs, but it all came down to the last minute of the last match. He needed Oriente Petrolero to beat Aurora in Bolivia.

“In the second half, my opponent equalised,” he explained. “I became very hot because out of 23 games, 22 had gone through. How can one game spoil my bet? But Pablo Ruiz gave me a goal in the 90th minute.”

That goal won him GH¢96,891.57, as his initial GH¢45,065.38 winnings were more than doubled by a 115% win bonus for betting on 23 legs. betPawa offer the best win bonus in Ghana for all bets with three legs or more, including 250% for 30 legs.

The Bakwu resident said: “I was overwhelmed with millions of joy when I realised that I had won such a huge amount of money. This is my very first time winning BIG in betting.

“I am going to use the money to expand my business and, in fact, betPawa has given me the willPawa to revive my businesses, which were almost collapsing. In my region, there are a lot of youths who are unemployed. With this, I will be able to employ more people.”

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