Ballack sympathizes with Mason Mount after Chelsea’s defeat to Bayern Munich

Ballack sympathizes with Mason Mount after Chelsea’s defeat to Bayern Munich

Baptism by fire. That was the story of Chelsea’s Mason Mount last night against Bayern Munich’s versatile left-back, Alphonso Davies.

It was very hard to contain the 19-year-old as his pace was overwhelming for Chelsea’s left-wing and the youngster made smart runs all game and even set up a Robert Lewandowski goal to sum up the match.

Mount and Marcos Alonso were the ones who suffered in the hands of the teenager most, but Ballack believes Chelsea was set up too deep to exploit spaces behind Bayern’s left-back.

‘He [Mount] was a bit unlucky, he was doing one versus one against Davies,’ Ballack told Chelsea TV.

‘He has phenomenal speed which you don’t just see in the Bundesliga but at international level, it’s outstanding. He had two or three good runs and maybe a little bit of an advantage but he got beaten really quick.

‘But you also have to find different ways, that’s a learning process, next time he will position himself better, maybe they [the team] push up. Also, it’s a learning in the group as a team about positioning on the pitch better.

‘I thought most of the time they were too deep. ‘Even if you play sometimes deep, it’s not a problem to have it under control, but you have to change rhythm as well but they couldn’t do it, they couldn’t create it.’

Chelsea suffered a 3-0 loss in the first tie, which might, to a few, mean that the tie is over. But with how football is, you never know!

The Blues will travel to Munich on the 18th of March for the second leg of this tie.