💵 Futaa6: Weekly prize payouts & double jackpots explained
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💵 Futaa6: Weekly prize payouts & double jackpots explained

Futaa6 is a 100% free-to-play game of skill that offers weekly prizes as high as $20,000 to football fans who can correctly calculate the outcome of 6 football matches each week on the Futaa app.

Even if you don't get all six correct, there's still huge incentive to play with weekly prize payouts for players with the most correct predictions, as well as double jackpots on popular game weeks!

💰 Futaa6 weekly prize allocation

The consolation prize for each Futaa6 round is $500 (unless otherwise specified). This prize is awarded to the top 20 players in defending order as per the prize allocation table – the round prize is only paid when there are no players who correctly predict the scores in all six Futaa6 fixtures in a relevant round.

In other words, weekly prizes are paid out even if there is no jackpot winner. Read the Futaa6 Terms & Conditions for more. If 50,000 or more people enter any given round of Futaa6, the jackpot for that week is DOUBLED from $10,000 to $20,000. 

🌍 Jackpots by REGION

🇳🇬 - ₦3,500,000
🇹🇿 - Tsh25,000,000
🇺🇬 - UGX35,000,000
🇿🇲 - K150,000

🗓 Latest Futaa6 round

  • Liverpool vs Bournemouth
  • Arsenal vs West Ham
  • Sheffield United vs Norwich
  • Southampton vs Newcastle
  • Wolves vs Brighton
  • Burnley vs Spurs

Play the latest round of Futaa6 by testing your knowledge in the Premier League and correctly predicting six results!

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