Senegalese star Sarr faces rape charges in Norway

Senegalese star Sarr faces rape charges in Norway

Senegalese footballer Babacar Sarr has dismissed rape allegations levelled against him in Norway. 

Reports in Senegalese press indicated that an international arrest warrant had been issued against the player who currently plies his trade with Saudi Arabian side Damac FC. 

Sarr claimed that the girl in question had a sinister motive and was out to extort him.

“The truth is that I came out of Norway a free man. A girl accused me and I was cleared, which means that I am not guilty. I am innocent. They created other accusations behind my back to try to smear me with the support of the Norwegian press, " he said in an interview with the newspaper L'Observateur.

Sarr also admitted that he knew the girl in question and they were in an intimate relationship at some point. 

"I know her very well. She was my girlfriend. But some girls take rejection and break very badly. She's just jealous. She is in bed with the Norwegian press in trying to destroy my career," he added. 

He also suggested that the girl might be just trying to extort him after the nasty break up. 

“Everyone knows that it is these girls who go hunting for footballers and not the opposite. Not all girls, but most of them are just trying to get money from you or out to destroy careers of footballers,” he says. 

In 2015, Sarr was accused of raping a woman while on an end of season tour with Norwegian club Molde Fc in Stockholm. He denied any wrongdoing and police never pressed any charges. 

In 2018, he faced another rape charge when a woman accused him of assault in an apartment in Molde in 2017. He faced criminal charges that were later dropped and he was ordered to pay the complainant $15,000.

The two parties involved appealed the decisions but the trial did not proceed as Sarr had already left Norway and joined a Russian club. He later left Russia for Saudi Arabia.

Sarr says that the rape charges have had no impact with his current club DamacFC.

“Damascus FC  don't care what's going on or things like that. I haven't played since January because I got injured. I am a free player and I am currently taking care of myself.”

However, Damac FC says that they are not aware of Sarr's whereabouts. Some reports indicate that he has returned to Senegalwhile others say he's lying low in the Middle East nation.