Coronavirus: Hoffenheim owner claims his company may have developed a vaccine

Coronavirus: Hoffenheim owner claims his company may have developed a vaccine

When the 2019/20 season started, no one would have imagined any league being stopped for any reason but now all leagues are off due to the Coronavirus.

Today, UEFA has taken the decision to postpone the Euro 2020 by a year in order to allow domestic leagues to play to completion.

There is very little being reported on the return of the Bundesliga and the Serie A, but with how Hoffenheim owner Dietmar Hopp is speaking, there might be some hope somewhere.

In as much as Hopp is known and hated for how much he spends on his club, he might be the man to look at now, as he is also the majority shareholder of drug company CureVac.

The 79-year-old believes they may have developed a cure for COVID-19 which could be available within six months once it is approved by licensing authorities. 

Hopp told Sport1: "I think our new vaccine against coronavirus should be available by this autumn. That would be in time for the next potential wave of infections.

"Tests first have to be carried out on animals, and then on people.

"The release date depends on Germany's national institute for vaccines, the Paul Ehrlich Institute." 

Some papers are reporting that USA president Donald Trump wants the vaccine provided exclusively to his country, but Hopp is totally against it.

"It can't be that a German company develops the vaccine and it's only used in the USA. That was never an option for me.

"I didn't speak with President Trump, but he spoke with the company.

"They asked me what I thought, and I knew straightaway that a deal of that nature was not on the table."

With his confidence in the supposed vaccine, we can only hope it will work and it will be business as usual in the world of sports soon.