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🇷🇼 Rwanda to crack down on 'erring' referees

🇷🇼 Rwanda to crack down on 'erring' referees

Rwanda Football Federation (Ferwafa) is planning to implement stringent measures against match officials who make glaring and obvious errors during matches. 

There have been loud complaints from football fans about a series of poor decisions made by the referees that have led to serious impact on match results. 

“We are doing all we can to raise the level of referees in the country. It is not a quick fix but many of the officials have been trained both within the country and abroad by experts,” Michel Gasingwa, the head of the Referees Commission told Times Sport. 

Gasingwa added that at least five referees have so far been suspended this season.

It looks like the Wireless Audio Communication System donated by CAF in 2016 hasn't helped in sharpening the decision making by the referees. The calls for better officiating in Rwandan Premier League and other tournaments have been growing louder by the day and the Gasingwa-led commission has decided to act strongly. 

Football activities in Rwanda were suspended on March 15 as the country battles an ever-increasing number of Covid-19 cases. Rwanda has at least 75 confirmed cases of Covid-19. 

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