🇨🇩📺 WATCH: Congolese coaches message on coronavirus

🇨🇩📺 WATCH: Congolese coaches message on coronavirus

Football coaches in the Democratic Republic of Congo have recorded urging the public to comply to government directives in combating the coronavirus pandemic. 

Led by Florent Ibenge, the former national team coach and current AS Vita Club coach, the coaches drawn from various clubs instruct the public on how to avoid contracting the virus. They urge Congoleseto was their hands, sneeze into the elbow pocket, avoid handshakes and follow government directives. 


The video, in a number of languages including French, Swahili, English and Lingala, was published on YouTube and other socialmedia network and features Ibenge, Guy Lusadisu, Isaac Ngata, Pamphile Mihayo, Camille Bolombo, Chiko Mukeba and Robert Kidiaba.

Football activities in the DRC have been halted as part of containment measures taken by the government. DRC has recorded at least 180 cases and 18 deaths.