🇺🇸🔵⚪️ USA national team coach Gregg Berhalter lauds Christian Pulisic's first season at Chelsea

🇺🇸🔵⚪️ USA national team coach Gregg Berhalter lauds Christian Pulisic's first season at Chelsea

​USA national team manager Gregg Berhalter has expressed his delight in Christian Pulisic's growth since he made the move to Chelsea.

The suspension of football due to the coronavirus pandemic has given Pulisic the time to recoup and recover from his injury that put a halt to his 2020 start with Chelsea.

Berhalter, in an interview on the Chelsea Mike'd Up podcast revealed that he has enjoyed seeing Pulisic's performance at Stamford Bridge and believes there is still more to come from the American.

‘When Christian was moving from Dortmund to Chelsea we knew there was going to be an adaptation period,’ said Berhalter, who took charge of the USMNT in 2018.

‘The Premier League is an extremely fast and physical league, and we knew the time would be needed for him to get up to speed. What I really like about how his season unfolded, particularly in the beginning, is that he had to endure adversity to overcome the struggle.

‘He had to get used to the English game. It took time, and as he did that he came out performing really well, helping the team and scoring goals and being influential. All these things we projected him being able to do took an understandable time period.

‘When you go into the injury period he had, it’s unfortunate because he was in such good form. The next part of it was him dealing with a serious injury. He was in a lot of pain. It was a difficult injury to come back from quickly although I know the fans wanted him back.’

The USA national team manager also lauded Pulisic's finish ability citing that he has improved a great deal.

‘The thing he’s really improved on that I’ve seen this year is his finishing ability,’ he said.

‘He’s done a great job of that, and it’s something the high-level players when you look at the top players in the world, they’re able to score a big number of goals because they have that finishing quality.’

‘Some of his best actions for Chelsea have been when he’s central, playing the ball behind the line, combining and making things happen in a central position, but having moved inside from the wing.

‘Both Chelsea and us want him affecting the game, in a position where he can hurt the opponent. Sometimes it’s going to be wide, sometimes that’s going to be central.

‘It’s a different Chelsea than we’re used to seeing,' added Berhalter. 'It’s interesting what they’re doing and that they’re still able to get results. They’ve done a great job of that with a young team. They have an athletic team with exciting players in key positions, and to me, it’s been fun to watch.

‘Christian has the quality that he can adapt with a more experienced team as well, but there’s a lot of room for these players to grow and he’s in a good spot.’

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