Mustafi highlights the key changes Arteta has brought at Arsenal

Mustafi highlights the key changes Arteta has brought at Arsenal

Arsenal defender Shkodran Mustafi has lauded Mikel Arteta's impact at the club, saying a number of players have hugely improved since his arrival. 

The former midfielder took charge of the Gunners in December 2019, and has managed to change the atmosphere at the club in the few months he has been at the helm. 

Mustafi is among the players who had improved under the Spaniard before the coronavirus pandemic halted football action. 

"Each one of us has benefitted from this arrival," Mustafi said during as quoted by the club's website.

"He has brought a very clear identity and a very clear idea of how he wants to play football, but at the same time he gives you space to make your own decisions because you are on the pitch and you know exactly what the coach wants from you. 

"I think as well he has been listening into the changing room and listening to the players to find out why things were not working out before.

"Sometimes we don't realise how difficult it is to be a coach because you have so many people that you have to make follow your idea. 

"I have benefitted from his arrival and his coaching. When you are 28 years old, you think you have heard everything and then a coach comes in and you still learn and hear things that you have never heard before. 

"He has been incredible since his arrival. He has shown his aura and his personality just shows that he is so convinced of the way he thinks football should be and how he wants his team to play, and it you just agree with it and soak in all the information."

The London club had picked some momentum before the unwanted break and will be hoping to pick from where they left.

They managed to pick three wins and two draws in their last five fixtures, even though they are still ninth on the standings.

The club is back in camp ahead of a possible league resumption in June. 

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